Living in the Eye of the Hurricane

How to Be at Peace when Your Life and the Rest of the World is in Turmoil

A Year Long Program with Esateys




What's Included ~

  • 3 Exclusive Retreats for Program Members (Limited to 15 people   3 Days
  • 24 (30 minute) 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with Esateys
  • 12 Monthly Boot Camp Calls for Members only (Group Coaching)
  • Free Access to Esateys' Group Coaching Program, "Your Life, Your Way"  (2X/month)  Starts November 13th
  • Support via Private Facebook Group
  • Free Access to All of Esateys’ Public Events
  • Limited to 15 people
  • Recordings of all events

What You Will Get Out of it ~


♥  How You Can Live Stress Free

♥  Deep  Immersion in High Vibrating Energy and material (3-4 times per month)  Creates, Peace, Joy and happiness

♥  Being Calm and at peace No Matter What Happens to You  

♥  Living on Your Beach and not your Personal battlefield

♥  Being able to control or see through the  appearance of Fear and Transform it into Light  

♥  Transmute Fear

♥  Reduce the  Polarity in Your Life (ie reduce the ups and downs of your otherwise tumultuous  life)

♥  Deep immersion program that will keep you in a state of knowing, peace and joy no matter what is happening in your life.

♥  Once you get free of the polarity, your life will change, flourish and give you everything you always wanted.

Relationship Solutions

More About Esateys


My name is Esateys and I have been a relationship and life coach for over 30 years. I’ve counselled thousands of individuals and couples to create more fulfilling relationships.  I know what people really want when it comes to relationships. I know what makes relationships work and what can destroy your relationships.

Rafael, my husband, and I have created a 3 day retreat devoted exclusively to relationships. Why? Because in my many years of working with couples I have seen the pain and anguish that relationships can become if not properly attended to. I have also seen the joy and connection that is possible in connected relationships.


Esateys' Retreats are Life Transformational

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