Visionary, International Speaker, Educator, and World Wide Game-Changer through Personal and Global Transformation

Esateys is a Woman
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Esateys is a Life Changing Motivational Speaker and is an Expert in the Human Condition

Can you imagine what it would be like to be complete with struggle?

For over 30 Years Esateys has been Speaking, Teaching and Motivating a diverse clientele about navigating the confusion, self doubt and programs that keep them from achieving their full potential.

Her core teachings are universal and are easily adapted to creating a lasting solution for all different life issues.

Esateys is able to effectively speak to a wide range of individuals including corporate executives, parents, entrepreneurs and healers.

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Esateys sees things from a bigger or macro point of reference.

She is able to identify global trends and shifts that help companies and individuals understand the bigger picture and create success strategies.

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Esateys has developed a unique and proven MindSet System to help people identify and breakthrough their blocks.

Her intuitive consulting will assist in designing a powerful Personal Life Plan giving the client everything he/she desires.

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Esateys is a Recognized Transformation Expert

She'll show you how to become the CEO of YOUR OWN LIFE.
Working with C-Suite, Esateys will add depth, clarity, and all of the ingredients to create insightful safety, openness, and a grounded, clear plan of action for exactly what to do next.

Developed the Proven MindSet System

This unique program helps you put a final End to All Anguish.

Worldwide Game Changers

Founded the Non-Resistive Living™ program to bring you joy & freedom.

Co-Founded the Ultimate Relationship Academy

Programs for breakthrough relationships, transformation, and awakening.

Prestigious RadioShow and Podcast Host

Check out Esateys' current podcast "Waking Up With Esateys"

What Others Have to Say

"I just listened to your class and realized that I’ve been on the fence and not stepping into my power. Because of your class I now know that I must follow the calling of my soul.

You were so powerful, heart centered, grounded and unbelievably dynamic in your class. It was truly inspiring and empowering and I for one am feeling a huge shift within myself."  Thank you for this gift Esateys."


"Everything that has been resisted, hidden or buried has come up for me this year to release, transform and complete. The program has given me the tools to remind me to focus on my Higher Self, choosing to trust my inner guidance. Also how to have a stronger and healthier body. I am grateful to have 2 individuals to help instruct and navigate me thru these experiences."


"Never before have I attended a workshop that has made such a profound change in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your dedication is an inspiration to me and I will draw on your strength whenever I feel weak."

- Brian

"Have been watching your YouTube videos and LOVE who you are and how you BE. Peace, Love, & Hugs to you." 

- Jody H.

"Working with Esateys has completely altered my entire life. I, now, live in freedom peace and joy viewing each moment as an adventure in the making."

-D. F

"I have been following your work and it has helped me enormously, especially the article on the Art of Suffering.

I have followed it through exactly. After practicing that article for about a week, I was able to release beliefs that are no longer working for me. It is such a relief.

I feel so light and so WHOLE for the first time in my life."

-Mariem B.

"I’ve been attending retreats with Esateys for over 2 ½ years. Although starting out skeptical and “left-brained”, I have found with each retreat I attend I have been able to maintain a higher vibration (positive feeling) for a longer and longer period of time. It has been wonderful moving from a space with a lot of fear and depression to a place of more joy and acceptance for who I am and what I have to offer."

-N. G

Want to experience the "Esateys Effect" for yourself?

Join Esateys at the following upcoming events:

Empowered Mindset 3 Day Retreat

September 7-Sept 9th , 2018

Saratoga, California

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