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Relationship Mastery

     How to Find Joy in all of Your Relationships

3 Day Retreat with Esateys


Friday June 22nd-Sunday June 24th

Saratoga, CA 


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Saratoga, CA, June 22-24th, 2018



How Many of these Apply to You?

⇒  Are you in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship and don’t know what to do? How can I make it better? Do I stay or do I leave?

⇒  Do you want a new fresh fulfilling relationship because you think it will make you feel better?

⇒  Are your business, employees or employer not working well together? 

⇒  My life is a mess. My money, my relationships, my career are all a mess. I’m just floundering.  What can I do to make myself or my relationship joyful?   Will I ever be happy again?

Why Relationships are Important ~

Lets face it. Everyone wants a loving, feel good relationship, one where they feel safe, heard, loved and important.  Does this apply to You?

What Relationships are We Talking About?

When I speak of relationships throughout this page I am generally referring to your relationship with a partner or significant other. 

However, relationships are much more encompassing:

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We have relationships with everything on the planet:


  • Our relationships with our family
  • Our relationships with our children
  • Our relationship with money
  • Our relationship with our job and/or career




  • Our relationship with ourselves
  • Our relationships with our health and our body
  • Our relationship with the environment
  • And...the list goes on and on



Everything we talk about here applies not just to our partner relationships, it applies to everything in our lives!

About Esateys


My name is Esateys and I have been a relationship coach and a life coach for over 30 years. I’ve counselled thousands of individuals and couples to create more fulfilling relationships.  I know what people really want when it comes to relationships. I know what makes relationships work and what can destroy your relationships.

Rafael, my husband, and I have created a 3 day retreat devoted exclusively to relationships. Why? Because in my many years of coaching I have seen the pain and anguish that relationships can become if not properly attended to. I have also seen the joy and connection that is possible in connected relationships

 Relationships are multi-faceted, like a diamond, with many different aspects and many different facets. They can be complicated and they can painful. They take work understanding and awareness to really make them work.

I know the joy and love that is possible from a connected relationship. I have one with my husband Rafael.  It is my passion and my mission to help You achieve the relationship(s) of your dreams, the relationship(s) you always dreamed of and the relationship(s) you desire.

About the Retreat

In our three days together we will go deeply into the intricacies of relationships.  When you leave this retreat you will be able to:

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⇒  Attract Your Perfect Relationship, the one you always wanted

⇒  Reignite and Revitalize your existing relationship 

⇒  Experience safety, consistency, fun, and joy in every one of your relationships

⇒  Love and receive love in Your Relationships.

⇒  Give and Receive unconditionally in your relationships.

⇒  Have an Experiential Relationship with Yourself that is core to True Joy and Peace.

⇒  ….and much much more



What Other Retreat Participants Had to Say

Why My Relationship Work is Different ~




I work with the big picture, helping you understand what is really happening with you and your relationships from a global or macro perspective.  From an understanding of the bigger picture I work on helping you break through to new levels of awareness and observation which will move you to deeper and deeper levels of connection in all of your relationships.


Relationships are like an iceberg. 10% of the ice is visible and 90% of the iceberg is below the surface.  


Most traditional approaches to relationship deal with the 10% area above the surface.  Practical tools, tips and insights are very helpful, but in my experience, the benefits are only short lived. Sure you can get things to change, but the challenge is creating permanent change to create long lasting permanent connected relationships.

Here’s my secret ~

The Secret Sauce to Incredible Relationships is YOU!!!


Long lasting rock-solid relationships can only be achieved by exploring, understanding and eliminating all of the baggage we carry with us that is in the 90% hiding below the surface. In most cases, we are unaware of these influences or what I call ”programs” that sabotage our relationships without us even knowing it.


Yes, that’s right, it’s not about your partner, or someone else “over there”.  It’s all about You and UP to You to recognize and take action on eliminating the “junk” that is preventing you from really connecting with your partner and all of your relationships.

So here’s what you get when you come to My Retreat:

⇒  A better understanding and a new way to be with your partner.

⇒  A new and Deeper Connection with Yourself and a new level of Self Caring and Love.

⇒  Self Love means joy, laughter, fun and an incredible breakthrough in all areas of your life, including your relationships with money, your job, your career, your children and your family.

⇒  Once you are able to love yourself, you will be able to truly love someone else.

⇒  A Take Home plan about how to proceed and what to do Next.

This plan will include ways to continue to deepen your connection of Self Love and Love with all of your relationships.

Relationship Questions.4

Here’s what you need to know:

First, If you want the joy of incredible relationships You MUST take Action to create a new perspective for this occur.

Second, doing nothing, will, unfortunately, keep you in the same place and is what many would call “insanity,’ especially because you know you would like things to change.


You Have Nothing to Risk.  If you don’t have a breakthrough in Your life and in your relationships I will refund your tuition for this program.  See my guarantee below.  (I am happy to say that no one has ever taken me up on this before)


Bring Your Spouse or Partner and He/She pays only $400. (33% off of the regular price)

When registering for two use the Discount Code “My Partner” to pay only 999 during the Quick Acting Discount ($599 for you and $400 for your partner)

Schedule a  Free 15 Minute Discovery Call with Esateys or email Esateys at  to explore if this event is right for you!

Our Cancellation Policy 

Because seats to our events fill up quickly, all tuition payments are non-refundable.  However, if you cannot attend the retreat and you contact us with 14 days prior to the event we will roll your tuition to a future event.

Our Unconditional Guarantee 

Spend the three days with us at the Retreat and fully participate.

If you don’t feel this was a life-changing experience, for any reason, let us know before the end of the retreat and we will refund your tuition for the retreat, no questions asked.

Hear What Tim Had to Say About his First Retreat with Esateys


For all of You Quick Action Takers -

Want to get a quick jump start on improving Your relationships?   Start before the actual Retreat.  Here's how!

We have a SPECIAL BONUS for you

If you register 30 days before the event, we will include free access to my Groundbreaking program,  The Relationship Reboot System.    

This program is sold separately on my website for $399. And consists of three very powerful modules:

  • Create or Regingnite Your Perfect Relationship
  • Connection in the Bedroom
  • Relationships...and Beyond

This program consists of 8 hours of relationship pearls that will be a perfect start for you to experience maximum results from the Retreat. My suggestion, listen to the program entirely before the retreat and you will have the most profound experience at the retreat.

 Invest  in Yourself   3 Day Retreat      $599

Bring Your Spouse or Partner and get an even greater discount 

Schedule a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call or email me at  to explore if this event is right for you!

OK, there’s only one thing left for you to do

to have Breakthrough Relationships and Breakthroughs in Every Area of your Life

Click the Link Below!  I am so looking forward to being with you for three powerful days.

Esateys (Call me E)

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