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Feeling Stressed? Disappointed? Bored?

Are you ready for your life to be free of pain? Do you want better, stronger, happier personal & professional relationships? Do you wish your path was clear? Do you want better health?

Do you have it all, but still aren't happy?
The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System is the program for you.

If you aren't 100% satisfied within 30 days, we have a money-back guarantee.

Do you really have the freedom you think you do?

Sometimes you don't know what your life is missing, simply that something IS missing. The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System is your key to extraordinary wealth, good health, happy relationships, and more.


Are your relationships unhappy or unfulfilling?


Does your financial success feel empty?


Are you missing the freedom you crave?


Are your health and wellness suffering?

Take your life from despair to joy.

From chaos to certainty.

It's time to breakthrough in every area of your life! Even some that you didn't know were possible.

With this innovative 7-Week Life Transformation System, you'll:

  • Instantaneously transform your relationships
  • Create unlimited abundance and potential
  • Change the way you think, speak, and act
  • Achieve optimal health

Ready to watch your world explode with prosperity?

30 minutes a day for just 7 weeks brings lifelong change

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System is not just about creating financial assets, it’s about creating wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.

This system removes old blocks, perceptions, and beliefs that have caused self-doubt and living a life less than you deserve and are capable of experiencing.

Here's what your Breakthrough System includes:

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System gives you all of the tools, information, and knowhow for you to totally and completely change any part of your life. The program is comprehensive and cumulative - the more time and effort you spend, the greater your results will be.


Relationship Reboot

 Powerful and Practical ways to have a more connected experience.

A new paradigm for how relationships can sculpt your life.  You will see, understand and experience relationships from a bigger perspective that will open your eyes to a whole new understanding.

Find Out What's Included

Relationship Reboot System

  • Create or Reignite the Perfect Relationship
  • Connection in the Bedroom
  • Relationships…and Beyond

Relationship Reboot

  • Create or Reignite the Perfect Relationship
  • Connection in the Bedroom
  • Relationships and Beyond.....
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Opportunity Accelerator

Create unlimited wealth, joy, and prosperity in your life.

The Wealth Grid will systematically move you to a new state of empowerment and understanding about yourself. Create a deep sense of inner connection that gives you the keys & balance to achieving unlimited potential.

Find Out What's Included

The Wealth Accelerator Program

  • The Wealth Grid
  • 21 Days to Absolute Wealth
  • The Wealth Process

Opportunity Accelerator

  • The Wealth Grid
  • Wealth Process- 4 Powerful Processes to Create Wealth
  • 21 Days to Absolute Wealth
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Mindset Breakthrough

Change your thoughts, change your whole life.

Master your Mindset so you can create anything that you want in your life. Your Mindset is the key to ending conflict, resistance and stress. This Powerful and Life-Changing Program helps you create the life you truly want.

Find Out What's Included

Mindset Reset Program

  • The Mindset Breakthrough system
  • Putting it all Together

Mindset Breakthrough

  • Mindset Breakthrough System- 8 Powerful Modules
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Exclusively created by Esateys & Rafael Stuchiner

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System has been created and proven to provide all you need to increase Your Sense of Well-Being and experience "Loving the Life that you Live!!!”

Experts in the human condition

For over 30 years Esateys has been teaching, counseling, and coaching thousands of clients on how to find joy and happiness in their life. She specializes in coaching to break free of old patterns, and shares the keys to creating Massive Breakthroughs in your life.

Rafael works closely with Esateys to develop their collective vision, and left his world of business, real estate, and finance in order to join this important work.

Together, Esateys and Rafal have discovered the secrets of Life Empowerment, and they've made it their mission to share these unique keys with clients all over the world.

Become your own Liferepreneur

Allow yourself to live the way you deserve - live life on your terms, not on someone else's.

"Working with you these past six months has had such an incredible impact on my life, my business and my relationship. I can’t thank you enough.

I was able to lose 40 pounds and create a life plan that allowed me to sell my business for much more than I thought possible and let go of a big part of my past that has been holding me back. Everything changed as I was finally felt in control of my own life."

-Lisa H.

"When we were coaching, you had me write a script for the way I would like my life to be… Faithfully and full of emotion I wrote that script and read it every day.

Guess what?? I am married to that man in the script, live in that place I visualized in that script, and am headed towards abundance in fruitful relationships and prosperity, feel at peace (95%), utter faith and trust spiritually. I am so blessed to have you in my life, you are a good one. Thank you for being the wonderful you!"


"Well, I listened to your amazing video for the 4th --- or maybe 5th --- time. The first time I was awestruck and couldn't find words to express what I was feeling. I knew in my heart that it was Truth. It resonated with me on a very deep level.

  Thank you sooo much for your love and dedication. You are an absolute treasure in my life. "

-Darlene S.

"I met Esateys at a live event in Chicago, IL. I immediately noticed her desire to help others grow, develop, and prosper. She has so much to teach and share and yet, she remains humble.

It’s been said that “you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame” and I understand that all too well. However, Esateys has the unique ability to see things hidden within us and empower us to grow in all areas of life.

If you are looking for a life changing experience; work with Esateys!"

-Ruben W.

Start today and get four free bonuses!

Just for Joining, you qualify for these free gifts!

Life Map Assessment

Esateys has designed a very thorough Life Map questionnaire which will reach all areas of your life from your health, your relationships, your career and business and what it is that you really want.

90 Minute Coaching Session

Esateys will go over your Life Map Assessment with you and help you create a Total Life Plan or blueprint which will include your goals, your desires, and a plan to help you achieve these goals.

Private Access to the FB Group

This group is designed to give you the support network of high powered, high net worth individuals who are here to share their insights and knowledge with each other.

25% Off Event Admission

For the next 12 months, you can get 25% off general admission to ALL of Esatey's public events!

Ready to move mountains?

Take action now and start the adventure of a lifetime. Live with more wealth, more abundance, and be fully connected in all your relationships AND to yourself.

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