Increase your wealth, empowerment, & Unlimited Prosperity

Esateys Wealth Accelerator System has helped hundreds of people just like you create MORE personal wealth

What are you waiting for? If not now, when?

Transform your business & life

With Esateys, you'll create wealth step by step and discover the life you deserve!

Achieve complete balance in all the essential areas of your life, and create absolute personal wealth! With her proven system, Esateys shows you how to create a deep sense of inner connection & knowing that lets joy flow freely into your life. 

With the Wealth Accelerator Program, you'll receive:


Wealth Grid

Create wealth, joy, & prosperity.

Move to a new state of wealth empowerment through our attitude-changing 8 step program.


Wealth Process

Relax into success and fulfillment.

Four life-changing processes that will help you balance yourself.

  1. Creating your life
  2. Discovering & deleting limiting beliefs
  3. Making friends with your body
  4. Meeting your genius team

21 Days to Absolute Wealth

Transform your life & your business.

A 21 Day program that will guide, support and empower you with tools to create a whole new life. Have Esateys on your shoulder for 21 Days

Learn to balance your personal wealth matrix

 The Five Areas of the Personal Wealth Matrix that Esateys' will help you understand and give you a recipe for balancing in your life are:

Your money
Your relationships
Your job/career
Your inner connection
Your health

Create your life the way you want

8 hours of content to shift your abundance consciousness.

IMAGINE having Esateys with you mentoring you and supporting you, teaching you to find your Inner Genius TeamTM, showing you how to reconnect your relationships, helping you heal and connect with your body. You CAN have absolute inner peace and prosperity! Take the first step  and join the Wealth Accelerator Program now.

100% satisfaction guarantee

"When we were coaching, you had me write a script for the way I would like my life to be… Faithfully and full of emotion I wrote that script and read it every day.

Guess what?? I am married to that man in the script, live in that place I visualized in that script, and am headed towards abundance in fruitful relationships and prosperity, feel at peace (95%), utter faith and trust spiritually. I am so blessed to have you in my life, you are a good one. Thank you for being the wonderful you!"

Tisha M.

Experience absolute prosperity & joy

Learn the secrets of creating a successful inner connection to your mind & body that allows you to create the life you've always dreamed of.

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